The opportunity to protect life and loved ones is a valuable one. Your clients expect excellence from their insurance policies, as they well should. From start to finish, we provide an experience tailored to their needs. Your clients will have a hassle-free, streamlined experience with white-glove service and a quick turnaround on results. Most importantly, the examinations are of the highest quality and repute.

Convenient Locations

Insurance examinations have never been simpler. Whether in our convenient Brooklyn office, applicant’s home, or at their place of business, our paramedical staff can conduct testing in the location of your choice. Wherever you are, we’re happy to service you.

Quick Turnaround

Timing is no problem either. Our paramedical staff is available whenever you need them, including weekends and what most would deem “after-hours.” Moreover, results are delivered quickly, with an even swifter “rush job” available upon request.

Easy Access

From your end, managing assessments is a breeze. You’ll have completed exam results at the tip of your finger via your secure ExamOne portal. Agents can also request an exam easily and check in for updated status at any time.