Many things have changed since 1984, but our commitment to providing quality assessments has not. Dependable Evaluations has served as the leader in risk-assessment exams for life insurance companies for nearly 40 years. We have since partnered with Exam One, an assessment center with unsurpassed national coverage and a growing international presence, and have expanded in order to better accommodate our clients’ every need. Our wide range of services is designed to make the assessment process as effortless as possible.

With on-site exams, efficient turnover, and top-tier examiners, our value-added services are designed to create the ideal underwriting process for both applicants and agents alike.

Dependable Evaluations is an affiliate of the large ExamOne network. We provide all the services you need to best service your client. We know your client wants quick, simple, and quality assessments and our goal is to help you help them.

Avie Weiss, Founder

He brings his decades of experience to our work, ensuring excellence in all we do and providing valuable oversight, management, and quality control.